Love Letters: Adoption Success Stories

"Our Beautiful little dog Peanut, formerly named Olga, is so affectionate, loving, playful and energetic. She runs around so fast that her sister Luna can barely keep up. She loves to gie kisses (generally on your ears) and she will curl up on your lap when she feels like relaxing. Peanut can also be inquisitive and she is very smart. It is so adorable to see her perk up her ears and tilt her head at any curios sound. We are already teaching her tricks and it turns out she is quite a leaper! Peanut has definitely become a great addition to our family!"
LOVE, Roxie, Travis, Luna and Peanut
"We adopted Bruce after he was brought into my place of business for a photo opportunity following a fundraiser for the Humane Society. I fell in love instantly and went to the Humane Society that afternoon to do a dog-to-dog social with our big dog, Tyson! Bruce eats, sleeps, and plays with Tyson wonderfully. They nap together - sometimes on my lap! -- and even pee in the yard together! Our youngest son is in LOVE. Burce is HIS dog now so Bruce sleeps with him every night. Bruce gives kisses, wants belly rubs and has a great, fiesty personality. He is a great addition to our home! Bruce is so loved by his new family."
LOVE, C. Rupert
"My daughter, granddaughter, and I love stopping at HSSW to look at the animals. During the 'Name Your Own Price' promotion last September we adopted two kittens from the same litter, Dusty and Rusty, and a third kitten for my granddaughter. Even though they are related, Dusty and Rusty have completely different personalities. Dusty is a very outgoing and Rusty is shy. Rusty "talks" in a very soft voice and Dusty demands with a loud meow. They are constant entertainment and both are very loving. Bringing Dusty and Rusty in to our lives helped me get through the grief of losing my 15-year-old cat, Sam. Thank you for introducing them to us!"
LOVE, J. Minihan
"We adopted our amazing Ozzy (formerly Charlie) about a year and a half ago and he has been the most fulfilling addition to our family! He is everything that you could want in a companion. He's sweet, loving, funny, playful, charming, and a true one-of-a-kind!! We get non-stop compliments on his good looks, but his charm doesnt stop there. His hilarious antics keep us entertained on a daily basis. Thank you for taking him in when he was skinny and homeless, we simply cannot imagine life without him!!!"
LOVE, The O'Neill Family