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Animal Adoptions
We offer pet adoption services Tuesday through Sunday Noon to 6pm. While our pet adoptions primarily focus on dogs and cats, you are welcome to speak with an adoption counselor if you are seeking adoption of other small animals. You must be 18 years of age to adopt an animal, and we commit to taking the time to get to know you and your needs to help us place the best possible pet with your family. Special adoption rates and promotions are available throughout the year, including those for senior citizens and military personnel.

Animal Control: Complaints, Animal Cruelty Investigations, Hoarding, Neglect, Bite Cases, Etc.
The Humane Society for Southwest Washington does not employ officers who are able to investigate animal complaints, animal cruelty or neglect, hoarding, bite case or stray pick up. However, we work closely with Clark County Animal Control who does offer these services and relies on us to provide animal sheltering and care to those animals in need. Please contact Animal Control for your municipality. For Clark County Animal Control, please call 360.397.2488.

Animal Surrendering
UPDATE: January 1, 2013 -- The Humane Society for Southwest Washington is here to help community members re-home companion animals in need. To maintain sustainability of our resources we are taking in Owner Surrendered Cats & Dogs by appointment only.  Please call us at (360) 213-2621 for more information. If the animal you are surrendering was adopted from another shelter in the local area; please contact that shelter first to set up a return appointment.

Animals coming from out of state must be accompanied by a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection and proof of current Rabies vaccination. We cannot accept the animals without one.  There is no shame in surrendering an animal, in fact we commend those who recognize when they are no longer able to properly care for an animal and who choose to do what is in the animal’s best interest.[/collapsed]

Education Programs
We offer a variety of Humane Education and Outreach programs, many of which utilize very special animal ambassadors; so that we may best accommodate the needs of our community. From early childhood programs to summer camps, classroom presentations and facility tours, our programs are designed to engage participants while reinforcing lessons of compassion, kindness and respect.[/collapsed]

Euthanasia & Cremation
We offer low-cost euthanasia and cremation services for pets who are suffering. Because we advocate for the humane treatment of animals, we believe in recognizing when a pet’s health or physical stage is beyond rehabilitation. We meet with every owner in advance to discuss the animal’s needs and devise an action plan to minimize suffering. The animal may be brought in from
noon to 5:00pm Tuesday through Sunday, and by appointment only, if the owner wants to be present.

Humane Traps
The Humane Society for Southwest Washington no longer rents humane traps for capturing feral animals. Please refer to our Community Resources listing for alternative rental agencies.

Lend-A-Paw: Pet Food Assistance
If you live in Clark County and are facing hard times, the Humane Society for Southwest Washington offers the Lend-A-Paw program to provide occasional pet food assistance to those in need. To qualify, you or a child in the home must be receiving government assistance in the form of Section 8, food stamps, WIC, TANF, SSI, Medicaid, AFDC, Oregon Health Plan, or EBT. Those who qualify may receive assistance with cat or dog food one time per month. Pet food distribution is based upon availability of donated pet food supplies and is not guaranteed. Please call in advance to determine if we have food available. This program survives purely on donated pet food. If you would like to help support this program, please donate open or unopened bags of pet food directly to HSSW.

Lost & Found
In 2011, we reunited 1,068 animals with their owners primarily through our Lost & Found services. You can visit our Animal Intake & Receiving/Lost & Found Department during regular business hours to locate a lost pet or report a missing pet. We offer tips, tools and assistance to help increase your chances of being reunited with your pet, including a Lost Pet Report, Lost Pet Poster, microchip registration and more.

The Humane Society for Southwest Washington offers low-cost microchipping during regular business hours in our Intake & Receiving Department. For a single fee you will have your pet microchipped and you will receive lifetime national registration of that microchip. No appointment is necessary.

Pet Licensing
In Clark County, and its inclusive cities, it is required by law that owned cats and dogs are licensed. The Humane Society for Southwest Washington is a licensing agent for Clark County Animal Control and can issue pet licenses during regular business hours. Pet licensing fees vary slightly depending on where the owner lives, and all pet licensing fees include a nominal agent fee paid the HSSW.

Pet Loss Support
We no longer offer a Pet Loss Support group, however we are happy to help those in need find the proper support services within our community. For Pet Loss Support, we recommend contacting Dove Lewis at 503.228.7281.[/collapsed]

Retail Store
We have/sell/offer pet food and treats, supplies, cat litter, crates, grooming supplies, toys, accessories, bedding, flea treatments, gifts, HSSW logo apparel, books and games, and HSSW calendars. Our prices are very competitive with other local retailers and revenue helps support the HSSEW mission and animals. Store is open during regular business hours of the adoptions lobby.[/collapsed]

Spay & Neuter
Every animal that is adopted from the Humane Society for Southwest Washington is spayed or neutered before going home, a service that is included in our standard pet adoption. Additionally, as a part of the Animal Shelter Alliance of Portland (ASAP), HSSW is home to Clark County’s first public spay and neuter clinic offering low-cost spay and neuter options for cats of low-income families. Spay & Save services are by appointment only and pet owners must be able to prove that they are receiving government assistance or qualify as a low income household.

Stray Intake

UPDATE: January 1, 2013 -- The Humane Society for Southwest Washington is here to help community members re-home companion animals in need. We are currently accepting stray cats and stray dogs during regular business hours.

Please call us at (360) 213-2621 for more information.

Please CLICK HERE for suggestions and other resources.

There are no fees associated with turning in a stray animal. We can only accept stray animals from Clark or Skamania Counties – we recommend if you are outside of these counties to call your local Humane Society or your local Animal Control line.

To report animal cruelty or nuisances call Clark County Animal Control at (360) 397-2488.


The Humane Society for Southwest Washington is not currently able to offer pet vaccinations within our facility. However, we welcome Good Neighbor Vet, a mobile veterinary service, in our parking lot on the first and third Saturday of each month from 1:00pm -3:00pm. No appointment is necessary and Good Neighbor Vet offers quality routine pet care, including vaccination packages.