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The gathering of data is vitally important to measure our community’s progress in saving lives. It further helps us identify where we need to put our resources and how to best help the most at-risk animals. At HSSW, we are committed to ending the euthanasia of healthy, adoptable animals. As a founding member of theAnimal Shelter Alliance of Portland (ASAP) HSSW uses the internationally recognized shelter statistic gathering and reporting methods set forth in the Asilomar Accords. We have adopted the Asilomar Accords to ensure that we use the same language and definitions when reporting on the status of the animals in our care. It further helps us track our community’s save or live-release rate and compare our progress with other cities around the nation.

HSSW is proud to be a partner in making the Portland/Vancouver area one of the safest communities for pets, with a 93.7% save rate. You can find statistics from all ASAP partner shelters and for the coalition as a whole here.