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WAG Newsletter | May 2024

Walk/Run updates, the lifesaving impact of fosters, and more! Check out what's new in your monthly WAG


A Loving Home for Sadie Mae

An active border collie mix receives lifesaving medical care and adapts to life on three legs in a loving home.


WAG Newsletter | April 2024

A thank you to our volunteers, the kittens have arrived, Walk/Run updates, and more

A cat with the word WAG on the image


WAG Newsletter | March 2024

How you can (and if you should!) help cats, our 2023 annual report, and so much more.


WAG Newsletter | February 2024

Fostering, Walk/Run, and many other ways to help the animals. It's your February update from HSSW.

Three white dogs outside in the snow


WAG Newsletter | January 2024

A New Year message from Andrea and a 2023 review. All that and much more in the first WAG of 2024!

A brown pit bull do looking at the camera. The words Comfort and Joy are on the image.


Fuchsia's Medical Journey

Fuchsia found the special care and support she needed to recover from a difficult past and thrive in her new, loving home.

A very skinny black dog giving someone kisses. The words Comfort and Joy are printed on the image


Lifesaving Care for Little Bat

Emaciated and covered in fleas, Little Bat was in a critical state. Learn more about this resilient dog's recovery.

a brown cat on a bed. The words Comfort and Joy are on the image


Susan and Spartacus

For Susan, the one thing that couldn't be taken away was the special bond she shared with Spartacus. Learn more about their story.

An image with a puppy on a table and the words comfort and joy


A Holiday Rescue for Eleven Puppies

A resilient mama dog and her litter of eleven puppies find safety and security for the holidays.


WAG Newsletter | December 2023

How to make the holidays merry and bright for pets and what you need to know about canine respiratory disease.

A bearded man with a cat giving him a headbutt. The Giving Tuesday logo is in the corner


An Urgent Rescue for Bean Sprout

Sick and dangerously overweight when he arrived, Bean Sprout was in desperate need of care. Learn more about his journey.


A Second Chance for a Tripod Named Cora

Limping badly when she arrived, Cora's injured leg couldn't be repaired. Learn more about her rescue and lifesaving second chance.

A puppy sleeping on a couch on a blue blanket. The Giving Tuesday logo is in the corner


Lifesaving Rescue for a Mellica and 8 Puppies

A pregnant dog and her 8 puppies received a second chance for happy homes. Your support this Giving Tuesday makes it possible.


WAG Newsletter | November 2023

Holiday prep and ways to help animals. It's your November WAG.


WAG Newsletter | October 2023

A Gala update, holiday at ReTails and so much more!


WAG Newsletter | September 2023

It's Gala season and we're ready to celebrate! Learn all about this great event and other updates from our team.

A white dog with a ball in his mouth


WAG Newsletter | August 2023

Bringing home a new pet, accessing resources in our community, and much more in this month's WAG.

A large black dog outside


A Dream Comes True for Mr. Oslo

Rescued from abuse and neglect, Mr. Oslo spent more than a year at HSSW before finding his new home.


WAG Newsletter | July 2023

It's your monthly WAG newsletter. We have summer safety tips, community cats, and much more!


WAG Newsletter | June 2023

Check out WAG for updates on our community solutions, stray cats and kittens, the impact of fostering, and much more.

A small black dog, looking at the camera


A Second Chance for Seven Puppies

A sweet and very pregnant dog finds rescue and a second chance for her and her pups.


Lifesaving Care for Benny

Benny was badly injured. But a lifesaving surgery helped him walk again and find a happy new home.

A large black dog with his tongue hanging out


Loki and Stew - a Special Bond

How a difficult dog found his perfect family and made a difference for a veteran.

An orange and white kitten


Chevy the Kitten

A little kitten who who overcame life-threatening injuries and found a loving home.

A black and white cat, sleeping on a colorful rug


How a barn cat made a difference for Joey

How a feisty barn cat helped Joey through cancer treatments and became a loving friend along the way.

A small black and white dog laying in a bed.


Shelter for Six Senior Dogs

Six senior dogs find shelter, medical care, and a second chance for the holidays.

A black and white dog with his mouth open, laying on a green and black blanket


A Holiday Rescue for 18 Dogs

Eighteen dogs find their second chance for a happy home - just in time for the holidays.

A black and white dog and a brown dog laying in the grass


Sunny and Poet

The story of two shy dogs who found their perfect family and became best friends.

A helicopter over wildfire smoke and hills


Nakia Creek Fire

Updates on the Nakia Creek Fire in Clark County and its impact on HSSW services

A brown rabbit with two brown rabbits behind him


100 Rabbits

Nearly one hundred rabbits arrived at HSSW in need of TLC and new homes.

Three black and white kittens with green, white, and red collars


Don't be a Kit-Napper!

How and when should kittens be brought to the shelter? It's less often than you think.

A beagle, held by a person standing by a red van


Rescue Beagles Arrive at HSSW

Beagles rescued from a testing facility arrive at HSSW in search of a new home.

A black and white dog and white dog standing next to each other outside


A New Home for Three Dogs

Three HSSW long-timer dogs find a new, unexpected home.

A golden retriever sitting next to a sign that says "Pet Clinic"


Wellness Clinics for Community Pets

Providing basic care for pets, Wellness Clinics keep families together.

A black cat with one eye on the lap of his adopter


Lucky and Robert

A stray cat finds shelter and a new home when she needed it most.

A small brown and white dog, wrapped in a towel held by a woman wearing a mask


A Path to Adoption for 30 Small Dogs

Rescued from unsafe conditions, they now have a path to new homes.