A small brown and white dog, wrapped in a towel held by a woman wearing a mask

A Path to Adoption for 30 Small Dogs

October 07, 2021

Rescued from a single home in our community in October 2021, 30 small dogs arrived at HSSW in need of special care, socialization, and a second chance at a happy home. Scared and overwhelmed, they needed immediate attention and our team swung into action. 

Our team worked quickly to assess the health and well-being of each tiny dog. They were all badly infested with fleas and in need of basic care like vaccines, spay & neuter surgery, and nail trims, but they were otherwise in good physical health. Their journey to behavioral health, however, would not be as easy. Many were friendly, though anxious. And while some of the small dogs seemed to solicit attention from our staff and volunteers, others struggled to tolerate any contact from our staff and volunteers. Our behavior team set to work with each individual dog, developing plans start them out on the path to adoption. 

As days turned to weeks, many of the dogs began to find new homes in our community. For other pups, their road to adoption was a little longer. But with the consistent support and reassurance from our dedicated volunteers, each dog found their perfect new family. Finally, in March 2022, the last of the dogs found their perfect new homes. The last dog, Greyson, was headed home with a loving family and would spend his days with another HSSW Alumni. Today they are best friends and the perfect companions in their happy new home. 

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