An orange and white kitten

Chevy the Kitten

December 30, 2022

In August, a gravely injured kitten arrived at HSSW in need of emergency care. His tail was fractured, his left front leg was badly damaged, and he had a severe laceration extending from his front right shoulder to the base of his tail. He was dirty with black, greasy debris in his wounds.

The two-pound kitten was alive, but in critical condition.

Our medical team worked quickly to stabilize the tiny kitten. His wounds were cleaned, a splint was applied to his left leg and his tail was placed in a cast, but eventually needed to be amputated. The laceration on his side was so severe that the wound needed to be closed in stages, requiring complicated bandaging and ongoing care. His wounds indicated his trauma was possibly the product of being caught in a car engine - this tiny fighter had earned a new name: Chevy.

With his surgery complete, Chevy headed into foster where he could receive the daily care he needed. And with time and TLC, Chevy’s was soon ready for adoption. Within two days of being medically cleared, he was headed home with his adopter, Brittney. In a recent message, Brittney shared an update on this special little kitten.

“Chevy is called Belmont now. He has made himself right at home among our other kitties. He loves car trips and bath time; he is always exploring, and I can't imagine life without him. :) We are forever grateful to the HSSW for bringing him into our lives. Thanks - and Happy Holidays!”

Chevy is just one of thousands of pets who are safe and loved this holiday season because of HSSW. Our lifesaving work with the animals is only possible with your support. Donate today and your gift will be matched, making twice the impact for animals in need.

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