A black cat with one eye on the lap of his adopter

Lucky and Robert

December 30, 2021

Robert, never considered himself a “cat person.” So when he found a small, black cat, under his picnic table – hungry and looking for shelter from the cold – he wasn’t sure how to help. He opened a can of tuna and made some space in his garage to offer some comfort from the cold night. As his new guest settled in, Robert went to the store for food and a litter box.

When he returned home, Robert noticed that the cat’s eye was swollen and she was lethargic. He wasn’t sure what to do, so he applied a warm compress to her eye and contacted HSSW.

When our team examined her, they discovered she had a severe corneal ulceration, exacerbated by an older injury. The only option was surgical removal of her eye. It was clear this little cat arrived just in the nick of time, so Robert named her Lucky.

But in addition to Lucky’s injured eye, another ‘problem’ had developed... Robert had become attached to this little cat and the idea of leaving her didn’t feel right to him. Saying goodbye to her that day, Robert said: “You’re going to be okay. I’ll check on you.”

Robert called our staff every day to see how Lucky was doing. She was recovering well and it wasn't long before she was healthy enough to be adopted. Robert was there the next day to adopt Lucky and bring her home. And he’d been busy while she was away... Lucky headed home to enjoy new beds, toys, treats, and food that Robert had purchased while they were separated.

“I was so happy when I could adopt her,” Robert said. “She found me when she needed me and I’m glad she could get the help she needed. Now she’s home and I guess I’m a cat person after all!”

Lucky found the person and the help she needed thanks to the lifesaving care we could offer.

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