A brown rabbit with two brown rabbits behind him

100 Rabbits

October 03, 2022

Ninety-four rabbits recently arrived at HSSW and soon they'll be looking for new homes. The rabbits were surrendered by their owner to Clark County Animal Control, who worked with HSSW to retrieve the rabbits and start them on the path to adoption.

The rabbits - ranging in age from a few years to just a few days - are in overall good health. A few had minor injuries, and several were diagnosed with upper respiratory infections, similar to a common cold. The ages of the rabbits range from adult to babies – including nursing litters of rabbit kits, only a few days old.

Upon receiving notice of the rescue, HSSW worked quickly to prepare for the rabbits’ arrival. “On a typical day, we can comfortably house 10-12 rabbits,” said Andrea Bruno, HSSW President. “Rescues of this scale are uncommon in our community, and always place a strain on resources and space. But we are committed to being here for the animals 365 days a year and this case has pushed us to find some new solutions.”

The HSSW team began preparations immediately, ordering additional supplies and mobilizing volunteer fosters to provide temporary, home-based care for many of the rabbits. Additionally, the shelter has rented a climate-controlled trailer to comfortably house many of the rabbits at HSSW until they can find permanent homes.

“Ordering supplies and finding space was only the beginning,” says Bruno. “The next steps in this process will take many weeks if not months. We’re fortunate to have amazing foster volunteers and skilled medical and animal care teams to care for the rabbits, and we’ll need the help of our community to find them new homes.”

How You Can Help

Donate Our work is only possible with the support of our generous donors. We can be here for the animals because you are there for us. Donate at hssw.org/give

Adopt Certainly the cutest way to help: adopt a rabbit! Some of the rescued rabbits are already available for adoption and more are available every day. You can meet available rabbit at hssw.org/rabbits.

Volunteer Our work with these rabbits simply wouldn't be possible without our incredible volunteers. We have an ongoing need for volunteers in all areas of our work, especially those willing to foster. If you want to make a lifesaving difference for animals in need, visit hssw.org/volunteer to learn more and register.