A small black and white dog laying in a bed.

Shelter for Six Senior Dogs

December 23, 2022

We want to give our pets everything - to fill their lives with joy and keep them healthy and safe. But for some families, through no fault of their own, caring for a pet can become overwhelming. And during those times, it is a comfort to know that help is available.

That’s how six senior chihuahuas ended up at HSSW looking for their second chance at a happy home. We know that veterinary care can be expensive and hard to find, and when this family realized they could no longer provide the care the dogs needed, they turned to us for help. The dogs were friendly and playful; they loved treats and were adorably relentless in their pursuit of laps to snuggle in. And though senior dogs need extra care, the tiny dogs would undoubtedly make loving companions for some lucky families, and we were eager to help.

Settled into their new space with cozy beds and lots of blankets, the dogs had regular visits from our team. They received medical exams, vaccinations, and plenty of affection from HSSW volunteers. All six dogs needed significant dental care, a common but important concern with older dogs to keep them healthy. Aside from the usual “old dog” challenges, they were in good health and would soon be ready to find their new homes.

Within a matter of days two of the dogs were available for adoption, and less than 24 hours later they were headed home together. The remaining four will soon receive dental procedures and be ready to ring in the New Year happy at home with their families.

Caring for senior pets is a special experience. They may move a little slower than some. They may have fewer teeth and their vision is probably not what it was. And despite their age – or maybe because of it – they still deserve a happy home and a life that is filled with joy where they have everything they need.

We were here for these dogs in their time of need only because of your generous support. Thanks to you, we can continue to provide the support, shelter, and lifesaving second chance our pets deserve.  Please make a difference for the animals this holiday season, give today and your gift will make twice the impact for the animals in our community.

This holiday season you can help pets just like these dogs find shelter, medical care, and a home for the holidays. And today, your generosity will go twice as far thanks to the Ray Hickey Foundation Holiday Challenge Match. Your kindness will make twice the difference for pets and the people who love them.

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