Adoptable Rabbits

Hopping into Your Family

Limited-Contact Adoptions

Animals are available for adoption by appointment only. Adoptable animal spaces are closed to public visitation. Families interested in adopting an animal listed on our website may submit an application by clicking on an animal below. 

Adoption Promotions

Check out our current adoption promotions - your hoppy new BFF may have a reduced adoption fee!

  • Adoption Promotions and Discounts

    Summer Lovin' | Reduced-fee adoptions for dogs 3 and older

    Love the summer with a new family dog. Take 20% off adoption fees for dogs age 3 and older. Whether you're looking for a new jogging buddy or a couch potato or something in between, you could meet your new canine BFF.

    Wise Whiskers | Reduced-fee adoptions for cats 3 and older

    Kittens are cute, but these whiskers are wise! $10 adoption fees for all cats age 3 and older. When you welcome an adult cat into your home, you have a companion who is ready to be your best bud - without the kitten learning-curve. 

    He Cared. We Care. | Discounts for military service

    It's our way of thanking those who have sacrificed. Every day, active-duty and veterans of US Military service receive 25% off adoption fees. We are grateful to the Ray Hickey Foundation for making this program possible.