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Resources for Your New Pet

Just like humans, pets have unique personalities. These personalities are what we love about our pets - both the good and the (sometimes) challenging. If you're working on some training for your pet or just trying to reduce unwelcome behavior, take a look at these helpful guides.

Much of the information below is specifically designed to help with your newly-adopted pet, but they can also help long-time family pets in need of training.

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Adult Dog House-Training
Adult Dogs Who Mouth and Nip
Dogs Who Jump
Bringing Home Your New Dog
Bringing Home a Shy Dog
Canine Body Language
Canine Urine Marking
Crate Training
Destructive Chewing
Drop It!
Fact Sheet - Kennel Cough
Fearful Dogs
Go To Your Mat
Hand Targeting
How Not to Greet a Dog
Impulse Control
Introducing a New Dog to Your Current Dog
Introducing Dogs and Cats
Kids Guide to Woofs and Growls
Leash Reactivity
Leave It!
Loose Lead Walking
Name Attention and Watch Me
On-Leash Dog Introductions
Positive Training and No Free Lunch
Location Guarding 
Resource Guarding
Puppy Biting and Mouthing
Puppy Crate Training
Puppy House Training
Sit and Down
Socializing Your Puppy
Submissive Urination
Teaching Quiet
Training Up and Off
Training With Marker Words
Treating Separation Anxiety


Adopting a Fearful Cat
Barn Cats-Acclimating a Working Cat
Cat Body Language
Cat Scratching and Alternatives
Cat Urine Marking
Enriching Your Cat's Life
Fact Sheet - Feline URI
Feline Rough Play
Introducing a New Cat to Your Resident Cat
Introducing a New Cat to Your Current Dog
Petting Sensitivity
Quick Tips for Litter Box Success

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