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Donating your Items

For the Love of Animals

Find a new home for your gently-used items! Every donation benefits the animals of the Humane Society for Southwest Washington. To see a list of the items we can and cannot accept, click here.

Donation Drop-Off

Tuesday - Sunday, 10:00 - 3:00 | 5000 E 4th Plain Blvd (located behind the store)

Inclement weather conditions may cause closure or reduced hours for donation services. These closures may occur with little or no notice. Thank you for your understanding.

Donation Pick-Up

Donating to ReTails is now even easier thanks to our partnership with Resupply. They'll pick up your gently used clothes, furniture, and household goods and deliver them right to ReTails where they'll find a new home! Your items will not only find a great new home, you'll also help the animals of the Humane Society for Southwest Washington.

Schedule a Pickup 

Take a look at the information below and learn more at the Resupply website.

  • Pickups within 48 hours.
  • Any and all items accepted! All eligible items are donated while remaining items are ethically disposed of.
  • Item retrieval from anywhere including within residence or a storage unit.
  • Disassembly of items that need it (except doors, cabinets, or lighting).
  • Fee reflects the operating costs and is much smaller than a usual moving company or junk hauler fee. (fee is not tax deductible)

The Impact of Your Donation

All donations benefit the dogs and cats and you’ll receive a donation coupon for your next ReTails purchase. We're happy to accept most items including vintage items and unworn clothing for our boutique. Also consider donating:

  • Antiques and collectibles
  • Brand name items for our boutique
  • Clothing (adult, kids, and baby)
  • Clean furniture in good repair
  • Holiday décor
  • Dishes and kitchen items
  • Housewares and décor
  • Linens
  • Pet care items
  • Games and gaming systems
  • Shoes, scarves, belts, handbags
  • Baby items (please, no cribs or car seats)
  • Toys

We Cannot Accept...

Remember our golden rule: if you would give it to a friend, it's probably a good item to donate. Damaged or broken items may not be suitable for resale and may be refused. Due to our available space and some product restrictions, we cannot accept the following:

  • Rugs
  • Mattresses, beds, or bed frames
  • Kid's furniture (beds, cribs, highchairs, booster seats, playpens, etc.)
  • Large exercise equipment (treadmills, stationary bikes, home gyms, etc.)
  • Large appliances (refrigerators, stoves/ovens, air conditioners, appliances, computer monitors or towers, etc.)
  • Worn, damaged, or broken furniture
  • Bed pillows
  • Electric blankets and heating pads
  • Electric massagers and massage chairs
  • Sanitary items (used potty chairs, toilet boosters, bedpans, medical devices, etc.)
  • Human food or medicine
  • Helmets (hard hats, sport helmets, etc.)
  • VHS tapes
  • Snow chains
  • Wet suits and scuba gear
  • Corded window blinds
  • Large entertainment centers
  • Hardwired light fixtures (indoor and outdoor mounted lights)
  • Items powered by gasoline or other fuel (lawn mowers, pressure washers, etc.)
  • Hazardous, poisonous or flammable materials or items that have been recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Please check their website,, for a list of recalled items.

Tips for Easy Donating  

We know you have choices when you donate. Thank you for considering ReTails! Make your donation experience easy - please consider the following: 

  • Remember the ReTails Golden Rule: If you would consider giving it to a friend, then the item is most likely in good condition and appropriate to donate to ReTails Thrift Store. 
  • We do not have a repair facility. Please, no items that are stained, broken, or are in poor condition. 
  • Save time when donating: have your items sorted and ready to give to our donation staff. If possible, please have your items in a bag, box, or container that you're also willing to donate.
  • Please be patient during busy times. Our staff is working hard to make the process as efficient as possible.

Please do not dump unwanted items at ReTails. Doing so means higher fees for disposal of waste and less revenue to support the dogs and cats.

Looking to get rid of an item that we don't accept? Check out the Recycling A-Z page on the Clark County website for safe and responsible ways to dispose of unwanted items.