Spay and Neuter

Spay and Neuter Services

Preventing Unwanted Pets in Our Community

HSSW is home to Clark County’s first public spay and neuter clinic offering low-cost spay and neuter options for cats of low-income families. Funding for this program is provided as part of ASAP Metro - a coalition of local animal welfare agencies dedicated to making our community one of the safest in the nation for pets. Spay & Save services are available for cats only and require an appointment. Qualifying families are those receiving government support or low-income.

Program Fees (per cat)

Government Assistance: $20 | Examples of government support include: Oregon Health Plan, Public Housing, TANF, AFDC, SSI, Food Stamps (SNAP), WIC, Free or Reduced Lunch Program, Medicaid, Section 8 Housing, Apple Health, PAW Team, EBT. 

Low-Income Household: $40 | Families qualifying for low-income status must meet the income levels below:

To schedule an appointment for your cat, contact us:
360-984-6052 or [email protected]

Additional Services Available

A limited number of services are available for registered Spay & Save cats. Please see below. 

Healthy Cat Package | $20
Includes FVRCP vaccine, nail trim (front nails only), Praziquantel (treats tapeworms often found on animals with fleas and ear mites for up to 1 month), Revolution (single treatment; treats and prevents fleas, roundworms, hookworms)

Rabies Vaccine (3 months and older) | $15

Clark County License (2–6 months, includes rabies vaccine) | $5

Clark County License (6 months and older) | $25

Home Again Microchip | $15
Includes lifetime registration and one-year membership in Home Again’s Pet Recovery Program

Other Clinics in Our Community

Additional spay and neuter services for dogs and cats are offered throughout our community. Please contact the clinic for additional details and to ensure service dates, times, and restrictions. 

  • More Information

    Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon

    FCCO is a spay/neuter program for cats. Their services are no-cost for feral, stray, and barn cats (donations requested) and low-cost for pet cats, including vaccines. Serving Oregon and SW Washington.